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Our Closing Ceremony
New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts will be closing its doors this fall.

NMAHA’s long and rich history has inspired & changed many lives. We invite you to join us in circle & ceremony to honor the magic that NMAHA, its students, faculty, staff, clients and all that have been a part of this amazing community for over 30 years have created. Inside the walls of this school many people learned conscious touch, in its many forms, as a means of healing, began careers as bodyworkers and thus enriched thousands of lives throughout the world.

Please come and share with us as we bless and give thanks for the decades of success & loving expertise that NMAHA has served the healing arts with.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2015 3:00 – 4:30 pm We invite all who attend to bring an object for the altar, which participants will take back with them at closing. It can also be an energetic offering, if so chosen. Those who prefer to speak, will have a chance to share a few words and there will also be sacred silence in which to offer any unspoken sentiments.

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Important information about the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts


The school is closing. Our last class of students will be finished at the end of September and we will be closing our doors forever.


If you were a student at NMAHA and you would like transcripts

  • you MUST use our online payment system to request your transcripts.
  • We are not accepting requests for transcripts through phone or email.
  • We will accept transcript requests until Sept 30. After the school closes, the State of NM will be responsible to provide transcripts.
  • Please be sure to include your full name (and your previous name if it was different when you attended the school), the year you graduated, and your current mailing address. Please include your mailing address in the Notes section on Paypal!
  • Click here to request transcripts

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